Jax Baseball & Softball League

We are partnered with the City of Jacksonville and 12 local parks to help facilitate the Jacksonville Baseball & Softball League. Across the parks we have teams ranging from 4-12 years old separated into five divisions: 

Participating leagues and their home parks are listed below:

League Map

Scroll the map to view all of our partner park locations.

2021 Results

Congrats to all of our teams for a great season!

Registration will launch early 2022. If you have questions on the league, contact Jarrod@WalkOffCharities.com

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Brentwood athletic association

Brentwood Park
555 W 25th St

Jacksonville, FL 32206

Forestview Athletic Association

Yancy Park

3352 Soutel Dr

Jacksonville, FL 32208

north florida athletic association

Charles Boobie Clark Park

8793 Sibbald Rd

Jacksonville, FL 32208

Duval Seminoles

Garden City Park

2862 Dunn Avenue

Jacksonville, FL 32218

Grand Park
Athletic association

Johnnie Walker Park

2500 W 20th St

Jacksonville, FL 32209

Pine Forest Athletic Association

Pine Forest Elem Park

3929 Grant Rd

Jacksonville, FL 32207

Duval Tigers

Panama Park

6912 Buffalo Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32208

Jax south athletic association

Windy Hill Elem Park

3831 Forest Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32246

SS YOUTH Athletic association

Sans Souci Park

6736 Beach Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32216

Henry brown athletic association

Flossie Brunson Park

1050 Franklin St

Jacksonville, FL 32206

athletic Association

Simonds-Johnson Park

1422 Royal Court Ln

Jacksonville, FL 32209

Athletic Association

J.E.B. Stuart (MS) Park

4815 Wesconnett Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32210


"Baby" Ball

3-4 years old


"Tee" Ball

5-6 years old


Instructional Ball

7-8 years old


Kid Pitch Begins

9-10 years old


Baseball & Softball

11-12 years old


HBAA Baby Panthers


A: FVAA Red Sox

B: Brentwood Hurricanes


Duval Tigers


Duval Seminoles


BB: HBAA Panthers

SB: FVAA Lady Pirates